Who we are

"We help nature to defend ourselves using biodegradable chemicals "

                                                                              Dino Zoani


Born with this aphorism, in the late 60's, Forenz'Dino Zoani's intent was and still always the same, offer products that have minimal environmental impact while fulfilling the task assigned.

The journey was not without objective difficulties, slowly what was thought impossible has now become part of our daily life; respect for nature in which we are immersed.

Fifty years of research and development have contributed to the realization of specific and targeted to sectors products. 

Dino Zoani, the founder, coming from the vending industry, perceived from the outset the need to have specific products for the maintenance of coffee and vending machines.

The changing of society and technology, saw the company as an active participant making several innovative products for maintenance technicians of coffee machines, vending machines, photocopiers and office tools, appliances repairers, mainteiner of air-conditioning, equipment for the aftermarket of  home appliances and with products for the public.

The undisputed quality and effectiveness of our proposals made it possible to form alliances with brands of international profile for which we produce dedicated products, this possibility has allowed us to expand our production, we can now offer liquids, powders, tablets, sachets, tubes and vials covering the needs of the markets in which we operate.